refreshing approach
Real time look-through investment reporting for clients and wealth advisers - direct to your PC, Mac and mobile device.

Portfolios update as you, or your clients, browse their asset holdings...
providing consolidated holding reports, valuations,
% weightings, transaction history and more.


Introducing HC Digital Wealth Solutions

In an environment where advisers are encouraged to utilise a range of platforms to suit specific client needs, HCDWS has developed a proprietary solution which:

  • delivers a core strength in the provision of high quality discretionary portfolio management;
  • is tailored to adviser and client requirements;
  • has the added benefit of sophisticated risk and operational oversight typically unavailable with platform based model portfolios.

This feature will enhance client reporting for adviser firms and provide robust governance and oversight for the financial planning process.

HC Digital Wealth Solutions is unique in that the partnership with Third Financial provides a full digital platform service, increasing the benefits for financial advisers.

Third Financial:

  • The developers of the acclaimed Tercero Wealth Management software solution;
  • The company’s sole focus is the UK Investment Management sector;
  • Their state of the art capability is built by software experts who understand this market;
  • Manages a range of discretionary investment portfolios for UK & international clients.

IFM and DFM – Working in Harmony

We decided to look at the platform market in a different way. By utilising our core strengths and incorporating our proprietary Risk Management and Operational oversight solutions, we believe that we have developed the next generation of advised platform proposition.

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